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  • Call for proposals CIP

    The Community Interaction Program is seeking new projects to fund.


    Deadline for submitting projects: March 1st, 2019.




    Photo: Stéphanie Defoy-Robitaille

  • SLAP is already 30 years old!

    For 30 years now, the governments of Canada and Quebec have been working together to protect and enhance the St. Lawrence and its riches. Learn more about the many achievements of the past 30 years and how they benefit present and future generations.



    Photo: Christian Marcotte

  • Update on river-borne nutrients entering the St Lawrence Estuary

    The accumulation of nutrients, what is called eutrophication, in the marine waters of the St Lawrence Estuary is raising concerns for aquatic life.  It results in proliferation of harmful algae, but also development of acidified areas poor in dissolved oxygen.
    Our researchers have been studying various aspects of this phenomenon. Using newly created digital tools, they have managed to assess the contribution of nitrate inputs to oxygen depletion and acidification of the water. These results are explained in two scientific articles. Consult the fact sheet!

    Photo: Christian Marcotte

  • Les Rendez-vous de l’Atlas: seven webinars and one forum for biodiversity conservation

    The Atlas of Natural Areas of Conservation Interest of the St. Lawrence Lowlands is being prepared! The results of the research carried out under the St. Lawrence Action Plan will help identify priority sites for priority biodiversity conservation sites and guide conservation actions in the region.

    To learn more about the methods used and the results obtained, consult the Rendez-vous de l'Atlas webinar series (French only) and participate in the Forum du Rendez-vous de l’Atlas (French only) on April 25 and 26, 2018.

    Photo: ECCC


In 1988, the governments of Canada and Quebec began working together with various stakeholders to conserve, restore, protect and develop the St. Lawrence.

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