Forum on the St.Lawrence 2018

Event summary

The sixth Forum on the St. Lawrence was held in Quebec City on November 28 and 29, 2018, on the theme of “From upstream to downstream”. The forum is an event that invites participants from the First Nations and from the municipal, economic, community, environmental, recreational, research, education and government sectors. This year, 134 participants were in attendance.

The forum’s program focused on knowledge sharing and on upstream to downstream management of the St. Lawrence ecosystems. A number of topics were addressed, such as water quality, biodiversity, and the issues surrounding use of the St. Lawrence River. Through conferences, discussion sessions, booths and posters, the Forum on the St. Lawrence 2018 gave participants the opportunity to broaden their knowledge, share their experiences, and build ties with the other stakeholders in attendance.

The involvement of stakeholders from all areas in the preparation of the event contributed to the achievement of the forum’s main objective, which was to address issues affecting the river and gulf on multiple levels.


28 november


8:30 a.m.–9:00 a.m.


9:00 a .m.–9:15 a.m.

Opening remarks (Co-chairs of the St. Lawrence Action Plan [SLAP])

Block 1 / The St. Lawrence: portrait, evolution and prospects

9:15 a.m.–9:25 a.m. 

Programming and introduction

9:25 a.m.–10:00 a.m.

Conference 1: CEGRIM: Towards integrated risk management of maritime incidents (Éric Houde, CEGRIM)

10:00 a.m.–10:45 a.m.

Conference 2: Anthropogenic enrichment of the St. Lawrence River between Lake Ontario and the Estuary: causes, consequences, actions (Christiane Hudon, ECCC and Denis Gilbert, MPO)

10:45 a.m.–11:25 a.m.

Conference 3: Atlas of Areas of Conservation Interest in the St. Lawrence Lowlands and Coastal Environments of the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence (Benoît Jobin, ECCC) 

11:25 a.m.–12:00 a.m.

Questions and discussion

Lunch break

12:00 p.m.–1:15 p.m.

Block 2 / Successful projects and initiatives

1:15 p.m.–1:20 p.m.


1:20 p.m.–1:40 p.m.

Conference 4: Pilots of the St. Lawrence, a sure bet, an essential link (Capt. Alain Arseneault, CPSLC)

1:40 p.m.–2:00 p.m.

Conference 5: Maritime transport–A leading and secure logistics player (Serge Le Guellec, Transport Desgagnés)

2:00 p.m.–2:20 p.m.

Conference 6: The Central River watershed and the Anse des Riou marsh, an example of a winning partnership!
(Jean-Étienne Joubert, Comité ZIP Sud-de-l’Estuaire)

Break, funding program booths and project posters

2:20 p.m.–2:50 p.m.


Block 2 / (continued)

2:50 p.m.–3:10 p.m.

Conference 7: Shore management plan: the challenge of social acceptability (Jérôme Carrier, City of Lévis)

3:10 p.m.–3:30 p.m.

Conference 8: Cultural heritage landscape designation in the Pointes aux Iroquois and Moose sector in Rivière-Ouelle (Anne Patry, Municipality of Rivière-Ouelle and Dominique Lalande, Ruralys)

3:30 p.m.–4:00 p.m.

Questions and discussion


4:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m.


29 november


8:30 a.m.–9:00 a.m.


Block 3 / Regulatory framework

9:00 a.m.–9:10 a.m.


9:10 a.m.–9:30 a.m.

Conference 9: Quebec Water Strategy (Marie-Claude Théberge, MELCC)

9:30 a.m.–9:50 a.m.

Conference 10: Water legal framework, from upstream to downstream (Marc Bishai, Centre québécois du droit de l’environnement)

9:50 a.m.–10:10 a.m.

Conference 11: The Wetlands and Water Conservation Act and the new regional wetlands and hyric plans
(Martin Joly, MELCC)

10:10 a.m.–10:40 a.m.

Questions and discussion

10:40 a.m.–10:45 a.m.

Introduction bloc 4

Break, funding program booths and project posters

10:45 a.m.–11:00 a.m.


Block 4 / Meeting slap and TCRs

11:00 a.m.–12:00 a.m.

Exchange workshop

Lunch break

12:00 p.m.–1:10 p.m.

Block 5 / Innovations and technologies

1:10 p.m.–1:15 p.m.


1:15 p.m.–1:35 p.m.

Conference 12: Water Knowledge Portal (Pierre-Thomas Poulin, MELCC)

1:35 p.m.–2:05 p.m.

Conference 13: Wetlands, tributaries and corridors of the St. Lawrence: a mosaic of sensitive habitats along a water continuum in the St. Lawrence Lowlands (Marie-Josée Côté, MELCC; Daniel Lachance MELCC; Marc Mingelbier, MFFP)

2:05 p.m.–2:25 p.m.

Conference 14: Towards an operational tool for 2D prediction of water levels in the St. Lawrence (Pascal Matte, ECCC)

2:25 p.m.–2:45 p.m.

Questions and discussion

Break, funding program booths and project posters

2:45 p.m.–2:55 p.m.


Closing conference

2:55 p.m.–4:00 p.m.

Urban Water Odyssey (Nathalie Lasselin)

4:00 p.m.–4:10 p.m.

Closing remarks (SLAP Co-chairs)