Word of welcome

We would like to thank all participants for attending this event, which brings together the various players and stakeholders who share concern for the St. Lawrence River.

The purpose of the St. Lawrence Monitoring Program is to determine the state of, and changes in the St. Lawrence, based on 21 environmental monitoring activities that cover the major components of this ecosystem, while optimizing data acquisition, taking into account the complementarity of the mandates and expertise of the partners involved and pooling efforts in order to provide an overview.

Another objective is to regularly inform decision-makers and riverside communities of the healthiness of, and changes in the St. Lawrence River. To this end, the Working Group on State of the St. Lawrence Monitoring produces a triennial event called Rendez-vous St. Lawrence, fact sheets that are updated at varying intervals and a five-year overview.

The aim of Rendez-vous St. Lawrence is to provide up-to-date information to support informed decisions about the St. Lawrence, promote a more accurate perception of the state of the St. Lawrence, improve the State of the St. Lawrence Monitoring Program in order to optimize the indicators and their interpretation, and attract new partners to join the program. To accomplish this, the Rendez-vous St. Lawrence encourages the participation of a hundred or so representatives of communities, universities and various levels of government.

Picture of Hélène Bouchard