St. Lawrence Dredging Activities Planning Registry

The St. Lawrence Dredging Activities Registry, which was established during Phase 4 of the St. Lawrence Plan, has now been integrated into the St. Lawrence Action Plan 2011-2026. Its main objective is to improve the management of dredging activities in Quebec by facilitating the long-term planning of such activities. The registry is helping to ensure that ecosystems and public health are adequately protected, while allowing sustainable navigation on the St. Lawrence to be maintained and developed.

Consult the list of dredging activities

The list of activities enables you to view all of the activities in the registry database.

Adding a dredging activity

In order to add your organization and dredging projects, click the Register an activity tab below. You will be asked to fill out a short form online. Once this is done, you will receive an email notification. Please note that you must be registered first. Your user name and password will also be used to update your dredging activity data.

Updating your dredging activity

If you have already registered your organization and its projects, and would like to update the information, click the Detailed activity tab below.

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