As part of the St. Lawrence Action Plan, Phase III (1998–2003), under the Canada-Quebec Agreement on the St. Lawrence, the Navigation Coordination Committee developed the Sustainable Navigation Strategy, which is now in its eighth edition. One of the challenges of this strategy is to “implement the integrated management of dredging and sediments.” The Working Group on the Integrated Management of Dredging and Sediments (WGIMDS) was given the mandate to develop and recommend a common approach to integrated management of dredging. The WGIMDS prepared the Orientation Document on Integrated Management of Dredging on the St. Lawrence River, which sheds light on some of the problems encountered and recommends directions for improving dredging management processes. Seventeen (17) recommendations were developed to meet the needs of the stakeholders involved and concrete tools were proposed.

The creation of the dredging activities planning register addresses two of the recommendations of the orientation document, namely to facilitate long-term planning of dredging activities and the development of regional dredging management plans and to develop a public information and awareness mechanism to facilitate participation by interested groups in the planning of dredging activities.