Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999

  • Disposal at Sea Regulations
  • Regulations Respecting Applications for Permits for Disposal at Sea
  • Ocean Dumping Permit Fee Regulations

Division 3 of Part 7 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 regulates the loading and disposal at sea of any substance. The sea includes the territorial sea of Canada and the internal waters of Canada, excluding all the rivers, lakes and other fresh waters in Canada and the St. Lawrence River as far seaward as the straight lines drawn

  • from Cap-des-Rosiers to the western-most point of Anticosti Island, and
  • from Anticosti Island to the north shore of the St. Lawrence River along the meridian of longitude sixty-three degrees west.

Under this act, Environment Canada ensures that any release of substances into open water is undertaken without harm being done to human health, marine species, their habitats, and other legitimate uses of the sea.

The Disposal at Sea Program is based on a system of permits. Project proponents subject to this act must, therefore, apply to Environment Canada for a permit for the loading and disposal of dredged material. The application may be approved if it is presented in the form set out in the Regulations Respecting Applications for Permits for Disposal at Sea and it includes the required information.

For more information about applying for a disposal at sea permit, or about the Disposal at Sea Program, please contact the regional coordinator or consult the website on this topic.

Regional coordinator, Disposal at Sea Program
Environmental Protection Branch – Quebec Region

Environment Canada
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