Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994

The Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994 falls under the jurisdiction of Environment Canada, which administers it through its Canadian Wildlife Service regional offices. The aim of this act is to protect migratory birds, their eggs and their nests.

The Migratory Bird Sanctuary Regulations, enacted under section 12 of this act, can be applied to dredging work. Under this regulation, no person shall, in a migratory bird sanctuary, carry on any activity that is harmful to migratory birds or the eggs, nests or habitat of migratory birds, except under authority of a permit. Twenty-eight of these sanctuaries are located in Quebec. All but five of these sanctuaries are located along the St. Lawrence River and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Dredging projects may be subject to the prior obtaining of a permit issued by, or with authorization from Environment Canada, if the planned work is to be carried out near or in a migratory bird sanctuary.

For more information about the Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994, please contact the Canadian Wildlife Service, or visit the website on this subject.

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