Navigation Protection Act

The Navigation Protection Act (NPA) is an Act of Parliament that authorizes and regulates interferences with the public right of navigation. It replaces the Navigable Waters Protection Act (NWPA) since April 2014. It is available at this link:

A primary purpose of the NPA is to regulate works and obstructions that risk interfering with navigation in the navigable waters listed on the schedule to the Act. The St. Lawrence River (along its entire length, between Lake Ontario and the Atlantic Ocean) appears in the list of Scheduled navigable waters. The NPA also prohibits the depositing or throwing of materials that risk impacting navigation in navigable waters and the dewatering of navigable waters.

An application for approval of the planned work should be directed to Transport Canada, which administers the NPA using the Navigation Protection Program (NPP).

For more information on the Navigation Protection Act, you can communicate with the Navigation Protection Program or visit the website:

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